How Bodybuilders Eat to Develop Muscle


Ever wonder what and how bodybuilders eat to build up their muscle? Below is a video of IFBB pro, Evan Centopani shows us what to eat to develop muscle.

Evan Centopani was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA on April 7, 1982. He is a professional bodybuilder.
all too often people look at food as if
you know each meal needs to be something
so exciting they need to be so happy
about it and know if it’s not like that
I mean you know you eat for purpose the
meal might be great it might be just
okay you know but you eat it and life
goes on and you get on to the next one
people sometimes get a little bit too
hung up on you know what they’re eating
food is one of the most fundamental
things that we have we’ve become a
society where food is an afterthought
hey food is just an afterthought your
you know your body’s going to look like
an afterthought
what’s going on guys here at my house
here in Trumbull Connecticut it’s 8 a.m.
and you’re gonna follow me around today
I’ve put together a pretty comprehensive
nutrition protocol to go with this mass
building program and I’m gonna show you
how I hit my macros every day I’ve got
all the foods laid out and you’re pretty
much gonna follow me around meal by meal
hour by hour and see exactly what it is
that I do to give you an idea one of the
first things I do always when I wake up
pound a liter of water and I like to do
cardio when I wake up even if it’s the
offseason and because I don’t like to
encar do on an empty stomach I usually
have a piece of grapefruit usually half
a grapefruit happen to be out of great
proof so today I’m going to have a an
orange all right
that’s out of the way let me go put my
socks and shoes on go down my basement
and do a little bit of cardio
because this is primarily a muscle
building program you know whatever a
little bit of fruit you just ate by the
time you’re done with this cardio it’s
gone I’m not doing it for fat-burning
purposes this is purely to accentuate my
training being able to train hard enough
and not have your cardio be a limiting
factor is very very important you don’t
want to reach cardiovascular failure
before you reach muscular failure
that is a wrap for cardio it’s time to
eat breakfast let’s go now what I do if
you guys look at my diet as part of this
program okay seven whole eggs pop out a
couple tablespoons of brown rice syrup
some strawberries all right that’s how I
hit my macros for that first meal I mix
them all together dump it in a pan cook
it up and I make essentially kind of
like a like a protein pancake all the
liquid in the in the batter comes from
the egg part of what I do okay yes I
bust ass in the gym okay put in the way
I’m you could almost say I’m like a
professional eater okay eating is as
much a part of my job as anything else
I use brown rice syrup on it why the
cool thing about brown rice syrup is
that it’s essentially fructose free why
does that matter this is going to be
broken down just to pure glucose there’s
a good likelihood you’re going to store
this as muscle glycogen and it tastes
good so brown rice syrup I found ways to
make my food palatable okay without
using all sorts of you know artificial
crap and still keeping things clean and
keeping them simple and actually
improving my debt my digestive ability
okay so not only is my body able to
crank through the food that I give it
okay but I’m actually hungry for
actually want this I’m going to actually
enjoy this meal right now I usually tend
to take my supplements with my first
meal of the day and my last meal of the
so when it comes to animal pack and
Omega 2 products that I consider to be
foundational and really crucial okay to
my my regimen the supplements that
everybody should have in their diet
you guys may notice that there’s no
shakes the reason for that is not
because I’m against the use of shakes
I simply detailed what a typical day
would look like for me but for you guys
you know my recommendation is if you
digest shakes well you feel good when
you have them then I suggest going with
them because I do believe that they can
be a successful tool when it comes to
growth it’s getting ready to wrap up
breakfast it’s a it’s really nice to eat
food that you enjoy eating let’s suppose
the you know food that’s a chore to eat
essentially it’s time to go and start
the day I’m at my desk by 9:00 you know
to get to work on the computer I do work
with quite a few people online on the
nutrition and doing some contest prep
and a lot of just people with all
different goals um so I’ll spend however
long necessary but generally it ends up
being about an hour and a half two hours
by then it’s time to throw down another
meal already I pretty much always assume
it’s time to eat
unless I just ate time for meal number
so I’m going to have 9 ounces of chicken
breasts Wow
on the data I realized early on even
when I was in high school okay
that it was not feasible for me to wake
up every morning and prep that day’s
food so when I was in high school I
would ask my mom hey mom could you make
a little bit extra food for dinner I’ll
take the leftovers to school the next
day and when it got to the point where I
was making it myself I would just say
make a bunch of chicken vegetables and
things that I could uh you know have
accessible when I needed them so over
the years there’s things that I’ve
learned and really it all is all based
around the fact that preparation is just
is key and you need a system you need to
be able to look forward at your week
ahead recognize a day or two that are
you know are going to be free which you
can shop prepare food and have it ready
to go when you need it
a lot of times by you know noontime or
so if I get up to break for lunch I’ll
take a quick walk through my garden and
check on everything aside from being
something that just purely interests me
and it being kind of a learning exercise
it’s I never would have thought there
would have been so many parallels
between I guess you would say plant
nutrition and human nutrition it’s an
important exercise not only in nutrition
but also in there’s something to be said
for self-reliance everything that you
see here I grew from seed starting in my
basement over the wintertime so none of
the plants have been purchased or
anything like that honestly it’s more
than I can realistically consume myself
you know just between my family and I so
most of it I end up having to give away
I mean I could just sit here probably
right now pull 20 cucumbers off these
plants so but for the sake of dinner I’m
going to grab some tomatoes some peppers
you know and that’s really how a tomato
is supposed to look it’s supposed to be
slightly imperfect there’s tons of these
pull hundreds of these off the plants
right now
time to eat again meal number three it’s
gonna be the same as meal number two
chicken rice vegetables oh well so you
know people ask me if you get sick of
eating the same thing all the time like
this you know kind of maybe sometimes
but the truth is if you got to eat six
times a day you’re going to get sick of
no matter what you eat anyways right so
you got to eat something
so just shut up
there’s the end of meal number three
we’re going to run out do a bit of a
little bit of food shopping run a couple
errands and that’s it maybe come back
here pop a little bit of food eat some
right now we’re gonna go hit the fish
now fish is one of my favorite protein
sources I’ve got this fish market not
too far from my house and you know I’ve
gotten to know these guys a bit over the
and seen as I do go through quite a bit
quite a bit of stuff these guys are
usually pretty good about giving me a
break up some of the pricing
I think I’m gonna take some clams me
yeah you bees are like the dozen $6.99 a
dozen uh-huh or you can get a bushel
however you like maybe a couple dozen a
little littlenecks yeah yep the
littleness yeah if you got them told you
know although you know I typically will
go for something like COD or some type
of white fish you know I’m not afraid to
throw in you know shellfish clams are
you pretty much anything if you look up
the nutrition facts of you know a lot of
shellfish like clams and stuff you come
to realize man the really dense source
of minerals and just nutrients in
general and you say geez maybe I’m
missing out and again kind of just like
liver people say oh well you know that’s
essential that’s a filter you know so
you shouldn’t consume shellfish it’s
bullshit how would you like your receipt
all right all right oh thank you ah see
later thanks a lot this this butcher
we’re about to go to he’s been there for
a long time I’ve been going to him now
probably 12 maybe 15 years you know they
make all their own sausages there they
make their own hotdogs there’s a lot of
stuff that’s done on site which is which
is cool what’s up Charlie good how are
you good good good good
yes I’m going to pick up some steaks for
tonight what do you look um I don’t know
maybe some strips yeah you’re gonna
build a house well first of all we have
a choice of blood material we can use
but not only the material itself but how
you choose to put those materials
together people say well you know
protein is protein or fats or fats you
really it’s just about hitting your
macros and while some to some degree
that’s true I’ve always felt it really
important to encourage people to consume
quality food anyway thank you thank you
very much appreciate our steaks all
right I’ll see you soon thank you
so guess what time it is you said it’s
time to eat again you’d be right
All Right see you guys thank you and
bring this stuff inside eat I’m going to
cook this up let’s go and I’m going to
have some fish and some vegetables and
rice and lemon
you’ll see that I’ve also made a
recommendation in terms of having a
cheat meal okay now when I say have a
cheat meal although I want you to enjoy
this meal it’s not purely for pleasure
this meal is to give your body what it
may not be getting somewhere else this
know doesn’t have to be clean per se but
it shouldn’t just be junk this meal
should make you feel good and when you
go to the gym the next day you should
feel like a fucking powerhouse not like
oh man if I do these squats I’m going to
shit my pants enjoy yourself but eat
something good
so it’s time for me to do something that
I actually really enjoy it’s not every
night that I will cook something a
little bit different tonight is one of
those nights
I’d say on average probably at least
once it’s not even twice a week I feel
compelled to maybe make something a
little bit different
not something that I would consider a
cheat or anything like that but just
something something different something
that I could share with my family you
know having picked up some clams and
some steaks my idea is to this is you
know might sound like it’s complicated
it’s not this is going to take me like
no time at all they probably take the
thing that will take probably the most
times the boil the water for the pasta
so to combine the clams with some
spaghetti and grill the steaks and
possibly maybe grill some of the
vegetables that I pulled from the garden
that’s gonna make for a nice treat but
nothing that really deviates from really
you know what my daily requirements are
you know oregano is actually a good
thing to combine with meat though there
is a kind of a reason why you would it’s
common to see the you know like the
marriage of rosemary and lamb because
like oregano just just like rosemary
contains certain essential oils that
will help your body to digest fat and
protein again you know in the name of
being able to consume the proper food
quantity you know little tricks like
this will help you to ultimately to pack
it in you know we’re not really doing it
it’s not just something we’re doing to
be fancy where does that smoke
nice nice nice nice oh you know parsley
another thing great for your liver good
for your kidneys natural diuretic just
good for your good to clean your blood
come on you know what you want to eat
that I want to eat that that’s a meal
right that’s a good meal and there’s
nothing wrong with that meal in terms of
it contains nothing processed
well pasta is processed but I mean this
is a fairly straightforward clean meal I
mean this is going to be good
at this point the day’s almost a wrap I
still have one more meal left to eat but
before I do that I’m going to jump on
the computer for a little bit caught up
with all my clients make sure
everybody’s all set and um then it’s
time to eat my last meal and that’s
pretty much it that’s a day there’s a
way to kind of kill two birds with one
stone kind of get in this last meal as I
catch up with a couple things online
that’s going to be it for the day I
really want to take this opportunity you
know to wish you guys luck with the
program it’s something that I know if
you guys bust your ass put everything
you got into it it will work for you
be sure to utilize
download you know the app calculate your
macros etc etc you know look I’ve been
doing this ten years without pause you
guys could do this for 12 weeks so good
luck I know you can do it
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