Muscle Supplements: 2 Natural and 5 Artificial Products that are Extremely Effective


Having an athletic body shape gives a sexy sense for the men. Therefore, they always go to the fitness center for gym regularly to realize their goal. However, that way is not enough or the effect will appear after in a long time, They need muscle supplements to accelerate results from fitness. You might prefer to know Ceratin as one of the most familiar supplements for building muscle. Even though, this page will not discuss it but introducing two others. Protein and caffeine are the muscle supplements that work effectively in 2019. They will appear here along with some information.

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Muscle Supplements of Protein and Caffeine that You should try

Now, it is time to try something new like protein and caffeine as your muscle supplements. Actually, you should not use both but quite choose one of them according to your need. Who knows your body cannot receive caffeine or protein. To identify those supplements, you necessary to reveal it one by one. Nevertheless, you get another information before entering to the main point. What is that?

Who needs a supplement to build muscles? Ask to yourself! This step is important to do before taking a decision because not all people need it. For your information, the supplement does not work for people beginner athletes. The reason is it builds muscle quickly after starting resistance training. Meanwhile, they have to form their mass muscle step by step.  In spite of this, people in the intermediate or advanced level may use it. Besides that, it is useful for people or athletes whose performance is still unstable. What is your position now?

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Once more, muscle supplements improve athletic performance and increase their muscle growth. If you include the part who should add a supplement in your training, continue to finish it. After that, this page will inform about the protein as the muscle builder supplement. Well, protein are a group of large molecules from amino acids. This essence (amino acid) supports cells and performs various functions throughout the body. Exactly, amino acids in protein repair muscle damage during endurance exercises. That is why the existence of protein is very important for muscle growth.

Could you prove that protein really works for muscle? There are a large number of studies and investigations on the effectiveness of protein supplementation that provides diverse results. Here are some shreds of evidence:

  1. A combination of protein supplementation resistance training increased fat-free mass. It happens in older adults but has no effect on muscle mass or strength.
  2. Muscle supplements caused a significant increase in muscle strength and size.

Overall, protein supplements help build muscle in people of all ages. By the way, where do you get natural protein? You can get the protein supplement from a drugstore, current place, or online. See also muscle supplement near me!  However, you better try to consume some foods below wherein they are available many and easy:

  • Meat, milk, and beans. Apparently, these foods contain various nutrients and vitamins that can increase muscle growth.
  • Shake and bar

Here, you need to consume more than the daily amount of protein for this purpose. But, it does not mean you may do it without rule.

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Caffeine becomes the next muscle supplement for you as another choice. Everybody knows that this essence exists on coffee, tea, and some other beverages. Caffeine itself is a natural stimulant where many people use it for mental alertness. Apparently, it can help with sports performance. Is any evidence for this case? Pay attention to these facts:

  • In 2010, there were studies that found some evidence of the benefits of caffeine supplementation for resistance training.
  • In 2012, a study revealed that consumption can improve the performance of squats and bench presses. However, the size is at least 3 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight.

5 Supplements Products to build your Muscle

Besides that natural muscle supplements, this page also saves some products for you. It consists of:

  1. Branch Chain Amino Acids

BCAA build new proteins after hard training and as a primary muscle-building insurance policy.

  • L-Glutamine

It comprises up to 60 percent of free-form amino acids circulating in muscle tissue and is critical for muscle recovery.

  • Whey Protein

For your information that Whey protein has a high biological value and is extremely convenient to take.

  • Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega 3s which has many health benefits exist on fatty, cold-water fish such as salmon and mackerel. This supplement supports blood circulation to allow nutrients to reach muscle and exert their effects.

  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

A multivitamin and mineral supplement indeed is not purely a bodybuilding supplement for muscle growth. Even though, it supports the cellular conditions under which performance and muscle growth can occur.

How to Select the Best Muscle Supplements for your Body

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Your condition may differ with other’s body so that you must be careful in designing it. Moreover, there are a lot of products of muscle supplements for growth in the market. Not all brands work effectively on someone’s body. Even, the process to give the result as well needs different duration. Thus, you should have a rule that you create by yourself to determine the best supplements for you. If you are still confused, let’s see some points below:

  1. Marketing claims

Some products say that their products are the best products. However, the evidence they provide is not the result of scientific research. Their claims come from marketing results.

  • Building muscle

Actually, there is no shortcut in building muscle. It all has its time but effective endurance training and sufficient protein intake are more important. Building muscle takes time, and there are no real shortcuts.

  • Other factors

There are still other factors that affect muscle growth, including genetics and sleep patterns.

  • Best supplement

Although it is one of the best supplements ever, it has very little effect on exercise performance and muscle growth. If you hear about muscle supplements having a major or direct impact on the performance of a false possibility.

  • Beta-alanine

You can consider other supplements such as beta-alanine. Well, those are some muscle supplements that you can get from foods and store.  Hence, do not just rely on the supplement and leave exercise. It will not work well or even it only will be in vain.

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