Phillip Heath ( The Gift) Mr. Olympia 2011-2017


Philip Jerrod Heath was born in Seattle, WA on December 18, 1979. He is seven times in a row winner as Mr. Olympia.

Body building motivation 2019 by Phil Heath

you want to be a champion you gotta
motivate yourself I mean I see you guys
around the world they’re training they
got the headphones on this and that
they’re their fuel and their fire but
you don’t think for one moment that
they’re not doing the same thing on
stage a great honor and privilege to
know that I’m demanding that respect I’m
demanding that energy and that fire in
that passion because that’s what I
trained with that’s when I go up on that
stage with so yeah how the trash dogs
missed that but it’s all love in the end
and you know I can’t wait it’s Phil
Heath versus everybody it’s phil here
for sehri but I don’t care what people
say about this being a front-runner in
this is necessary no damn front runner
there is none it’s filthy first in the
world and that’s how I take it all due
respect to each and every one of them
they all
earn the right to be there but they are
the Challenger I’m the champion I’m
gonna treat myself as such know that
they’re trying to take what is mine
which is history
so I’m gonna be training like an animal
ever hear some fucking moron says you
can’t win
here’s some critics as you can
so competitive and they’re gonna whip
your ass
someone’s in Table five fucking place
he’s in trouble is there such an to her
that guy over there said you can’t do
that he’s saying you can’t do it he’s
saying if you want to be the best you
got to beat him you gotta beat that guy
who won last year
gotta be more insane
be more crazier than him more dedicated
than him
she’s gonna forget what I said it’s okay
I don’t know
I love him because he made me better and
no one else to get me riled up like that
but no one else could make me want to
fight harder than it took him to make me
want to be mr. McBee honey I’ve got to
say that talk is cheap
and then for sound else later they still
team he throws himself
I do reps from them on this one remind
them in the world that I am The Champion
and I’m gonna be here for a while no one
in a right mind including the people
that are watching us whether they love
their hand or hoping that I’m an
oversensitive the competitors are in
whatever sense I know they’re not
because we all know if I show up 100
percent when I show them how to present
this year it’s a wrap for myself deserve
next year I’ll be back
no my mom’s watching so sorry I
apologize but I’m in the zone I will not
be stopped
if I choose not to complain
if I choose those bills give a shit
about my damn success with anybody else
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