Shawn Rhoden (Flexatron) Mr. Olympia 2018


Shawn is a professional bodybuilder was born in Kingston, Jamaica on April 2, 1975.

Shawn Rhoden Bodybuilding Motivation 2018

just one person who staged that been
trained to be number one in 2018 it
should not be in this age
how bad do you want it like what are you
willing to do
how are you willing to fight you could
think I’m kidding right
he was the first one to tell me how you
want to be mr. linphea you act like the
silly talking like mr. Lemp you walk
like this
he could feel that vibe you know like
something specials happening and he just
had the banging package that made it
impossible in my eyes Shawn had a very
tough year last year and you know I
always tell people I work with you know
but they don’t internalize it you have
you know state do what you want to do
and be selfish and not pay attention to
anyone else
and I think he dealt with this was like
the first real year that it was like you
know I don’t really care if I lose I
lose if I win I win if I get hard
training I get hard training
there’s 90 percent and there’s 120
percent in and he was on
someone once called me a one-hit wonder
and we said how many times came down
one-hit wonder
I said listen man this is what it takes
for a mindset cuz we always talk about
like the physical thing but the mindset
of like a winner you have to have that
mindset of like hey this is you know
this is what I’m gonna set out to do and
you don’t think about like the negative
stuff as much like you only think about
okay the outcome has to be more positive
and listen you have to fail in order to
succeed right so I think really just
putting his head like man this is what
it my mindset was and just kind of
spilling over like things I lived and
experienced and that’s the kind of what
I put in his head like if you want to be
mr. Olympia you gotta act like it you
know you need that professional all the
time you need to take pictures when you
don’t want to you want to train when you
don’t want to feeling I mean the shots
worse than me just my different training
anybody with Lilo’s he did a wood meal
he didn’t over anybody
he said I trust you the training before
the show
we had a lot of hiccups but he never
lost out last year you know never not
one time these Olympia prep is about to
kick off and it’s great to have a great
supporting cast Chris to see the psycho
fitness stamina even yesterday was
something you don’t see very often you
know the perfect condition and now no
water left you know fat nothing just
deal came out here because I wanted to
I wanted to be better I wanted to be the
best of my craft if also to be a
professional bodybuilder I wanted to be
the best at what afford well then I keep
telling myself hey you know what
today is next days like they selected
I love the most and when you lose that
deal before the absent eyes
knocked out God
don’t worry about chasing Phil don’t
worry about chasing rody you don’t worry
about chasing big Graeme don’t worry
about chasing William bone act just Bing
just bring the best Shawn Rhoden
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