World’s Oldest Bodybuilder Bill McAleenan Proof That Age is Just A Number


Bill McAleenan was born on May 23, 1958
mr. Yorkie lover this is
leyla Digimon reporting to you from the
beautiful Muscle Beach so do you think
the night pearl me or something I don’t
think so you’re okay with you by
replying to you from Muscle Beach this
is way we keep on referring to you again
beautiful Muscle Beach my gosh look I’m
with all these amazing men around me
pretty lucky woman here so here we are
again with film acylated and so Billy
when did you start building I started
when I was well actually my dad had me
in the gym when I was eight years old
ya know I didn’t start bodybuilding
mostly went in there because there was a
pool and my brothers and I used to like
to go swimmin I was in that environment
for the past 40 50 57 years 37 years
when I was 8 years old I was in the gym
I’m pretty sure your sleep and your so
young-looking week I’m 58 competing
possibly to the past and so this is what
I need to sing on that’s your sign no
really it is not like a magic film like
I have to actually no no nope
vacation sacrifice yeah i builded a very
tough things i don’t even know what
exercise well my dad and he’s still
working out today you 90 years old he
works out three times a week he’s also a
horse trainer by new mission he rides
horses four to five times a week
cranking and training them my youngest
brother also works out same stables of
my dad he’s a horse trainer also he’d
always worked out his life and
everything but yeah they’re in the same
status all my desk nine years that’s
really that’s giving me something I’m
getting inspired here yeah I’m here here
with these two amazing men and you’re
saying that your dad is ninety I want
you to compete competed in eighty still
reevaluating he’s got a record
yes he’s in the Guinness Book of World
Record did you know that they emailed
congratulations by the way good job
email about the truth respiring spiral
email yeah certificate with a CR it is
your Bimmer your name’s next to the seal
I know it’s above the field
oh well lease you’re above a sea urchin
my secret right CY right no gym sex
competition is next years when is worse
ah yeah probably about 15 minutes you’re
going to be getting exclusive on it also
decided to compete in the open division
with the youngsters if any of them want
to show up I’m taking what I wanted to
compete today do you think I could do I
could oh you look fabulous
yeah yeah I really feel like I could
take somebody on your go ahead happen we
can do couples and win the whole thing
should I oh I would be a really great
yeah yeah I think we put I mean I base
on our looks below and I think everybody
would forfeit yes or to the looking I am
really afraid about
I believe I believe she’s right
absolutely Oh should I do right now to
get prepared guys like should I do some
twat sir see Lance winner by default
very good he’s wrong and on that note
I’m Layla D Devon reporting to you from
Muscle Beach
Layla p.m. I’m reporting to you from
Muscle Beach here with his amazing
celebrity in the Book of World Records
Jim aren’t in gym like pearl beer
something I’m not really that big I
promise I’m like a size triple zero you
know I really don’t think
it would be a lot more running oh I’m
getting some loving today Leigh would be
about reporting to you from Muscle Beach
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